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Lançado IceWarp Messaging Server 10.4.4 (Windows)

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Lançamos o IceWarp Server 10.4.4 para plataforma Windows. As principais novidades são o suporte ao navegador IE10, possibilidade de migrar banco de dados de cache do WebMail (em Sistemas/Ferramentas/Migração de BD), novo Cliente Desktop IceWarp v5.0 compatível com Windows 8 e diversas outras melhorias. O upgrade é recomendado a todos.

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A versão Linux 10.4.4 será lançada brevemente.

Segue resumo das principais novidades, ressaltando que icewarp/doc/releasenotes.txt possui detalhamento técnico de todas as melhorias e consertos de bugs.

- New Desktop Client 5.0 compatible with Windows 8
- CalDAV compatibility with shared and public folders in OS X Mountain Lion Calendar
- WebClient compatible with Internet Explorer 10
- WebClient (PDO cache) Database Migration option added to console
- WebClient foreign charset handling improved for emails with incorrect or missing charset headers
- EAS iPhone 5 meeting organizer preemptive fix, (addressed in iOS 6.0.1 but potentially affecting older versions and other systems), doesn't allow change of meeting organizer by client update
- EAS device and provisioning database can be switched to MySQL to prevent bottleneck with many connected devices (for migration instructions contact support)
- EAS addresses a problem with all-day events being one day off
- SpamAssassin compatible with new ruleset (new repository will go online in a few days and will be transparently switched)
- SpamAssassin - DNSWL's are marked in RBL list to easily distinguish them from blacklists
- DKIM verification of Facebook and Google emails is now working (RFC non-compliant signature respected, long 2048-bit public keys fully decoded)
- Delete spam messages from spam folder when older than (Days) option fixed
- Directory Cache population wizard in installer appears when upgrading from version older than 10.4.0 (displays estimated time to complete, possible to skip and perform later)
- Directory Cache various improvements (ability to stop/start the service, separate logging)
- Chinese Big5 systems display emails properly over POP3
- Chinese MDtech SMS Gateway template added with XML character entity encoding
- Chinese sorting options of usernames in user's Card
- Bulgarian localization added in WebClient desktop interface
- dozens of other minor bug fixes

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